Tuesday, June 29, 2010


YIKES! Here we go! I'm pretty excited :)

Here's a great opportunity to refine and perfect my shirtmaking skills.

This shirt was made from a very sexy camp cotton plaid - it's only fair the first shirt should be loud. As you can see it is basically pink and green...and I've been told it suits my "bearish" appearance. As will be the case with ALL FiftyTwo Shirts, the inside seams are either felled or french seamed. I hope it's not too Humphrey B. Bear!

I made the detachable collar about 1/4" too short in girth this time....the general rule is that the collar stand of a detachable collar ought to be 1/2" wider in girth than the collar band it gets attached to....but I'm finding that that varies according to the thickness of the fabrics and interfacing you use...my new rule is detachable collars will be 3/4" wider in girth than the collar band.

- Detachable collar
- double yoke
- long sleeves/single barrel cuffs
- c.f. front band
- c.f. and cuff  fasteners are pearl pop-studs
- left side chest pocket

My shirting hero is David Page Coffin - if you want to make the best shirts on the planet you cannot go past this incredibly clever book! It is my shirting bible!! and he's quite a nice fellow too :)

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  1. this is my fave...beautiful fabric....love it