Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Enthusiasm is HIGH. Shirt number 2.

This shirt is made from 100% cotton....nice on the skin but a wicked wrinkler....I saved myself too much torture and picked a 120gsm count cotton...not too coarse and not too fine....just right! A simple and plain shirt.

- Chesterfield front (concealed buttons)
- double yoke 
- Long sleeves, french cuffs
- detachable collar - nice high stand :)
- kewl buttons! a long time ago I was rummaging through the drawers of an old treadle sewer when I found a small card of actual Mother of Pearl 2-hole buttons - about 1cm in diameter. They have clearly been hand crafted as no 2 were identical and you could see the more calcified shell on the back of the button....cute as a button? Yup

I'd like to mention more about David Page Coffin - Shirtmaker extraordinaire! - He also has a website ...if youre a keen clothester or clothestress go check him out:


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