Monday, July 19, 2010


This shirt is made of a poly viscose basket weave of no particular fineness.

It has a closed front with a long placket opening. I used pop studs to fasten the placket but hid them inside the placket rather than pushing them through the placket from the's more or less a Chesterfield front...

I considered doing the same hidden fastenings for the cuffs - but the logistics of it didn't really work for me so I added external pop studs to the cuffs instead - everyone likes a shiny stud now and then, don't they?

There are two inverted chest pockets which are sewn into a flat felled seam that goes horizontally across the whole chest...the pocket linings were then top-stitched into place from the outside...


I did  double layered mandarin collar....ok, I MAY have gone a little 'Barbarella' on it, but I like me it fits into the whole design of the shirt...I made the collar wide around the neck as I plan to wear this shirt in summer months and I do not want a shirt that sits close into my neck...

So there's SHIRT #4 :0)


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