Thursday, July 22, 2010


This shirt is by far my favourite so far. The fabric is a very fine and colourful Thomans Mason fabric which I have listed in earlier posts.

I bought my fabric on ebay for a reasonable price from a seller who stocks a decent amount of fabrics at decent prices - favouritefabrics1

Amongst her range was this "plum" striped Thomas Mason....I don't know what the count of the fabric is but at a guess I would say it's either 180gsm or performs very nicely indeed.

I am most pleased about this shirt because it is the first attached collar I have attempted and I must say I am STOKED with the result. This style of collar is very popular currently amongst fine shirts being produced all over the world - it's a contemporary English spread collar.

I deliberately kept this shirt simple in its design - there was a real risk that if the design was too fancy or too radical those large stripes could have made me look more like a circus clown than a well dressed gentleman.

One thing I did ad this time was 1 dart either side of C.B. at the back yoke seam - I didn't do this because I felt like I needed more room across back, I did it just because the look of it time I get the chance I will ad 2 darts either side of C.B....

Some more pics of the completed shirts....

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